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SUNSHINE, SUMMERTIME, and a whole bunch of SMILES!

Camano Island….what a wonderful location for a photoshoot! Top it off with 5 darling girls, an adorable pooch, lots of giggles, barefeet, and everyones bound to have lots of fun! The girls looked absolutly beautiful, all matching (my favorite) and of course no shoes, and cute matching toenails. We couldn’t have asked for a better location at a beach house right on the waterfront. I love shooting with music, and am very used to that for the weddings, but this was extra fun! The girls put on their “Country” music and were full of lots of dancing, laughing, and splashes!

Chelsey, Chelsea, Carly, Katie and Jodi all are college students ranging from UW, Western, Seattle University, and Washington State University. They all met in Elementary school and Jr. high and have stuck together ever since, each one of the girls has a unique personality, and they say they  know each other better than they know themselves. Chelsea, Jodi, and Chelsey are all in different sororities at Universities (Tri Delta, Kappa Delta and Pi Beat Phi) and Katie is a lifeguard during the summer and living in her own house in Seattle while Carly is working for Western University and also living in her own home.

Here is a slideshow of some of my favorites:

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Big shout out to you Chelsey for getting all your girlfriends together and setting this all up! You, and your girls are just so much fun, and I had such a blast with you all! Enjoy your year girls, it goes by so fast, I promise!

Big hugs, Rachelle

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