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I am blessed to have photographed this “LITTLE MAN” 3 times now in the last 11 months. Not only do these little guys grow up fast, its so fun to capture them in all types of different settings, and to be able to see how much they have grown since the last shoot; I just LOVE IT!

Shooting in Seattle these last few months have made it extremely tough to schedule shoots in this non-stop rain we have been having.  However, today is the “1st day of summer” so, hopefully our luck is changing (fingers crossed)! We did get lucky on this day of the shoot, we took the ferry, and headed over to Whidbey Island, where Katie’s in-laws live right on the beach! (One of my favorite places to shoot!)

Katie & Jerry, William’s Mommy and Daddy, met on a blind date, and dated for four months, and then Katie was diagnosed with Cancer, and was literally on her death bed at the time.  Doctors told Jerry to say his good byes, and he stood right by her side, and 15 years later they are still going strong! They have been married for 5 years, but have been together for 15! Katie is a 4-time Liver Cancer Survivor, and I wanted to tell her story.

Katie was diagnosed in 97’ a week after her 25th birthday. She had a 4-½ inch tumor on her liver – a rare form of Liver Cancer at her age, and it was at stage four. The doctors did not understand it, when they went to do a biopsy, it was terribly bad, and they punctured the tumor spreading the cancer everywhere. She lost a lot of blood during the surgery, and they could not keep up trying to put more blood into her. She actually died on the table during surgery. The doctors then had to take out half of her liver, and part of her diaphragm. After the surgery her family was told she would not live, and to be prepared to say goodbye. But she proved them wrong! After a month in the hospital, and months later of going through chemo, it didn’t work. The cancer didn’t go away, and kept growing. Katie then had another surgery in 98′ and the list of things that the tumor had wrapped around again was so very long. Another year past, and yet again the surgery didn’t work. The doctors then tried something different, an experimental procedure. They injected the tumor with alcohol. It’s called An Ethanol (alcohol) Embolization. Believe it or not, it worked! The tumors have died, and it has not come back! It was an experiment that has saved her life. Because of research, she had a number of experimental procedures from the PET scan to the surgeries. She is alive because of the research, and the funding for cancer. Katie helped raise money for the American Cancer Society, and then got very involved with the LIVESTRONG Foundation. You can get find out more information and get involved here at She has raised over $50,000 herself over the last 5 years, and continues to get the word out there. She actually met Lance Armstrong with all the fundraising she has done. Your a ROCKSTAR girl! WOWZA….just writing parts of your story makes me tear up!

And now for “William”, their “MIRACLE BABY” of course… He is 18 months old, and is just a sweet little charmer. Every ball is a “BASKETBALL”!  He loves John Deer tractors, baths, chasing around his dog “Ruff Ruff.” (Ellie Brown) William is always on the go, climbing, and chatting up a storm 🙂 He has the cutest laugh, amazing smile, and is such a darling “LITTLE MAN”.

Here is a SLIDESHOW of some of my favs!

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This what LITTLE WILLIAM thinks of his Mommy having CANCER:


And, this is what he thinks now of his MOMMY! 🙂

Thank you so much Katie! I enjoyed every second with both of you, just as I always do. You are an inspiration to me, and many others! You are such a fighter, one of the best cheerleaders I know, and you always have a “SMILE” on your face no matter what. I’m so thankful to have you as one of my dear friends!

XO! Rachelle 🙂

P.S. Extra special thanks to Nana, and Grandpa for letting us use your gorgeous house and yard. Next time I’m bringing my dog to join in all the FUN! 😉 Loved your dogs too!!! 🙂

June 22, 2010 - 6:04 am

Katie - Thank you so much Rachelle, We had a great day with you! You truly have an amazing talent and I am so bless that you capture those special memnories for our family.

June 22, 2010 - 10:30 pm

Lois Ballard - Rachelle, What DELIGHTFUL pictures and what a WONDERFUL “Tribute” you made of Katie’s MIRACULOUS life!!! The photo’s just made me CRY! Especially the one of Katie and Williams hands together walking along the beach! I’m married to Mitch…the guy who helped “create” that Katie! What a STORY it all is!!! GOD HAS BLESSED HER AND US BEYOND IMAGINATION! Thanks for helping capture these “precious” people with your photo talents! GOD BLESS….Lois


My dear sweet MOM turned “60” last month, we celebrated in style on Alki beach in Seattle, at SALTY’S for brunch! My MOM is always the one to celebrate, and never forgets anyones birthday, so my sis and I planned a fun morning for her. To help celebrate my Aunt and Uncle and sweet Grandpa all drove up to surprise her. (THANK YOU DENNY AND CAROL) We had a morning full of laughs, flowers, balloons, presents, dungeness crab, crab….and more Crab! 🙂

Salty’s has the best brunch ever, and is a must try if you have not been there before, it’s THE place to go. It has the most delicious food, fabulous service, and a spectacular view of Seattle. For their brunch they offer all you can eat seafood, (yep that means all you can eat Dungeness Crab / my FAVORITE) fish, prawns, clams, pasta bar, crepe bar (my 2nd favorite thing) home-made doughnuts, an entire room of desserts, and the list goes on and on…over 140+ items to chose from. I promise you, you will love it, and you too will make it a yearly tradition to go there!

Here’s a SLIDESHOW of a few of my favs:

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And to the “BIRTHDAY PRINCESS”….thanks for being the BEST MOM ever! (and the best Grammy) You are ALWAYS there no matter what to help put a SMILE on everyones faces, you are sooooo very GENEROUS, our #1 CHEERLEADER, and the BEST COOKIE and CUPCAKE maker EVER!!!!  You outdo any bakery, or cupcake store out there by far. Ricole, and I are blessed have the BEST MOM ever! You have truly made us who we are today. THANK YOU!

I love you with all my heart. XO!

Rachelle and Sunshine 🙂

P.S. “Nana” sure hope you caught the PINK balloons we sent up to you. You were truly missed this special day. I love you too, and miss you each, and every day. XO’s to my favorite angel! 🙂


I have been having so much fun getting to know this darling couple Karen and Edward, and would LOVE to share some fun photos of their Engagement session! We started at Gas Works Park, and then headed to the beautiful campus at the University of Washington. I had a fabulous time capturing this cute couple laughing, enjoying their time together, and the gorgeous Seattle scenery. (nothing beats this this on a sunny day!) We ran into a couple that was having fun hoola-hoopin’, and we joined in on the fun. How could we not? (These were some of my favorite shots!)

And, a little bit about the bride and groom to be… Karen and Edward met when they took an organic chemistry class together at Pasadena City College. Over the years, they have had numerous adventures together, and they can’t wait for many more.  They love to take long road trips, discover little undiscovered niches of the West Coast, and taking long walks through Pike’s Place Market, as well as the Seattle waterfront. Last summer, they had an amazing trip through Spain, enjoying exotic scenery, culture, and cuisine, and they hope to continue to explore more of the globe. At home, Karen is a great chef who really enjoys the art of cooking, while Edward loves to eat her creations, and clean up after her. Edward is currently a MD-PhD student at the University of Washington school of medicine, and Karen will start at the school of pharmacy in the Fall.

Here is a SLIDESHOW of some of my favorites:

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Rachelle Erickson Photographer, Seattle, Wedding Photographer, Brides, Engagement Session, Engagement, Gas Works Park, University of Washington

Rachelle Erickson Photographer, Seattle, Wedding Photographer, Brides, Engagement Session, Engagement, Gas Works Park, University of Washington

Rachelle Erickson Photographer, Seattle, Wedding Photographer, Brides, Engagement Session, Engagement, Gas Works Park, University of Washington

Rachelle Erickson Photographer, Seattle, Wedding Photographer, Brides, Engagement Session, Engagement, Gas Works Park, University of Washington

There is nothing more fun for me to really get to know my bride and grooms 2 be, spending time with them, and to become friends. I’m truly blessed, and am so grateful to have met you both. Can’t wait to shoot your “BIG DAY”!

Big hugs,

Rachelle 🙂

June 9, 2010 - 8:05 am

Matt - Wow, these are gorgeous! I love that stone tunnel-type of thing, and the photo of them on the bench looking at the city.

Fashion, Fun and and a Family of Four!

This family is “ALWAYS” all about having fun! This is one of this hippest, coolest, and most inspiring families I know. I am SO grateful to have this family in my life, and especially my dear friend Shelly. I have ALWAYS been inspired by whimsical art but little does this gal know how much she has influenced me in my life. She has inspired me, taught me so much, and pushed me artistically beyond belief. I saw Shelly’s hand built clay designs over 11 years ago in a pottery store in Redmond. I instantly asked the owner who made those masterpieces, and I said “I have to meet her right away”! She then gave me her card, and I called her right up. I fell in love with her clay, and mixed media pieces instantly, her classes, and of course Shelly herself, their house which is an amazing art gallery, and her dear sweet family! I always feel so filled up around these guys, they are always making me laugh, have the biggest hearts in the world, and will do anything for anyone!

And a little bit on the rest of the family… Robert’s expression is through his commitment to a spiritual life, his family, and he works in fashion footwear. Marquise, their oldest daughter, is a writer, poet, and photographer, while Kaelee enjoys fashion, photography, and helping others. The girls live here in Bellevue, while Mom and Dad, live in New Mexico. (which I am dying to come visit by the way!)

Here are a few of my favs:

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I am so thankful to have you guys in my life! I adore you all!

Big hugs,
Rachelle 🙂

P.S. Thanks so much the beautiful flowers, and yummy cookies. I loved them. XO!


Everyone knows what a big dog fan I am, and I had another great evening with two darling dogs, and their Mom and Dad! Dutch and Brady were so well behaved, and enjoyed turning around and having their backs towards the camera so they could enjoy the picture perfect view of Lake Sammamish. Dutchy is 9 years old, and Brady is the baby, and just turned 1 in April. These two Golden Retrievers are just so cute!

Their Mom and Dad, Brenda and Duane have been married for 2 1/2 years now. They own their own Business, and wanted a family session with their babies. 🙂 (I love these shoots with dogs!) Thanks  so much Brenda and Duane, I sure had fun with guys!

Here is the slideshow I put together with some of my FAVS! 🙂

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Hugs,Rachelle 🙂