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A dear friend of mine and her hubby are going through a big snafu at this time…. She’s far away on a trip and found out some not so shabby news. So, I wanted to do something to help in the little time that is available. Luckily, things are working out smoothly with the options given but it’s for sure not what they expected at all and by all means is not a happy one. Since yesterday was a “picture perfect” day I borrowed one of my favorite beagles in the world and took him and my own beagle to the dog park. Talk about a treat for me to have two “happy hounds.” Krypto is by far a “Super Dog! He recently turned “2” and is very vocal and is a nonstop kissing machine. I LOVE him! So off to the park we all went. The sun was shining bright, the sky was perfectly blue, and the fall colors were amazing! I am hoping these few shots will put a BIG smile on Kryptos’ mommy’s face until he arrives to meet her in person. This little guy and her hubby are flying across the world to meet up with her later this week. Safe travels for both of you.

And, some silly ones with one of my favorite lenses. Check out that cute nose!

And, I couldn’t resist tossing one in of my own beagle “Sunshine!” Your beagle was an angel the whole entire time as he stayed right next to me and didn’t let that nose take over. Mine…not so much! 4real!

Miss you and I hope you all will be coming back very soon!

Big hugs,
Rachelle & Sunshine

P.S. Your hubby has lots more for you and prints too! Enjoy! 🙂

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