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We started out at the beautiful Lincoln Park without knowing that an Easter egg hunt was going on that same morning so we had to avoid all the cute little kiddos… The park itself is gorgeous, and the beach and waterfront make for a perfect spot for a photo shoot. We had fun walking around finding different backgrounds along with their adorable cute puppy.

And, a little bit about the Allison and Scott:

Scott was born in a small town of Angwin, CA. He and his family moved to Auburn, WA when Scott was in the 7th grade. Scott loves to sing and he spent six years proudly serving his country in the United States Army as a Chaplin’s assistant. He is currently pursuing his degree in computer science and hopes to work in the field of video game design.

Allison was born and raised in West Seattle. Allison chose to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in Accounting. Allison got her BA in Accounting at the University of Washington Business School. Allison is currently an accountant for the City of Seattle. At the age of 21, Allison met a 2 ½ year old boy named Macieo and after five years of raising Macieo, she was granted full legal guardianship of him. Allison knew that any man that would accept her also had to also accept her son and their unique situation.

They started dating in 2008 and have been inseparable since. The two homebodies love spending quality time together and can almost always find them watching TV, building puzzles, hosting game nights with their friends or planning their next trip to their favorite vacation spot: Disney theme parks, which they average two times a year.

Allison and Scott dated for a year and decided to move in together and have now lived together for a year and a half, Scott has stepped up and become an amazing father to Allison’s son and the couple cannot wait to expand their family. The couple decided the first step to this expansion was to adopt a four year old cat named Sasha in January 2010 and a two month old puppy, Leonard, in February 2011. Scott and Allison got engaged on March 25, 2011, where Scott set up a romantic proposal at their home. Obviously the answer was “YES!” Who else would have noticed her ringtone was “the imperial march” in a crowded room the night they met or has the same unusual love for cereal? They will be getting married outside in a relaxed ceremony in August and cannot wait to start their lives as an “official” family.

And, a few of my favorites:

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Thank you both so much and I am very excited to share in your BIG DAY!


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