Congratulations on your graduation!

Graduating is an important event in an individual’s life, and should be celebrated. At Rachelle Erickson Photography, one of the ways we celebrate our graduates is by taking their portrait. A senior portrait will commemorate this special time in your life, and allow you to look back on all of your accomplishments.

Our award winning photographer, Rachelle Erickson, is the talent behind the lens. She offers all of our graduates a unique experience that caters to each individual personality. The photo sessions are relaxing and fun, as well as a great way to create lasting memories.

Your senior portrait session will be a fun way to show off your incredible accomplishment!

Each senior portrait session includes a complimentary in-person or over-the-phone consultation with Seattle portrait photographer, Rachelle Erickson, to discuss important details regarding your shoot.

The actual photo session includes up to an hour and a half of shooting time, which offers enough time for wardrobe changes if necessary.

After Rachelle has edited the images in a mix of black and white and color, she will schedule your premier viewing session, where you will be able to see your photographs and have the option of purchasing a variety of custom designed products.

It’s all about you…and the location!

At Rachelle Erickson Photography, we put a lot of thought into the locations that are chosen for your photo session. Your input is very important, so if you have a location in mind we will work with you to shoot there. Certain backdrops accentuate the personality of our subjects, so that is something else we pay attention to in choosing a location.

Our team is knowledgeable on a variety of gorgeous Puget Sound areas, and has a number of location suggestions, including:

Whatever your style may be, our team will work with you to find the best location with multiple background options for our photographer to use.

Looking for a little something extra? Check out our stylized photo sessions

Our stylized photo sessions are for graduating individuals who want their photographs to show a little something extra, whether that means showcasing your talent, sports activities, or other accomplishments.

Stylized photo shoots are growing in popularity among our clients, many of whom want a photograph that captures their passion, as well as their personality. The stylized sessions allow more time and outfit changes, as well as the possibility to feature a beloved pet or other animal, such as a horse.

Our photographer loves to do these shoots as it allows her capture the essence of your style using her award-winning talent to highlight you and your passions.

We enjoy being able to capture you in this stage of your life, where possibilities are endless and doors are being opened left and right. Be proud of yourself and show off your accomplishments with a senior portrait.

An additional styling fee may apply for our stylized photo sessions. Please keep that in mind when booking with us for your senior graduate photo session. A session deposit and contract is required before we can save your date and time. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, or to help you schedule your session.